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On Tuesday, I re-launched Illuminate’s site. If you don’t already know, Illuminate is the youth group of Neighborhood Life Center that Tobin and I help another couple lead.

Anyways we announced the launch at youth on Tuesday and the kids were all pretty excited. The new site has all the features of the old, but now students can easily see the latest comments and page back through them (thanks to some AJAX performed using the JQuery library). That’s pretty slick. I also added the ability for students to rate pictures (from 1-10). Then the top rated photos show up on the main photos page.

I’m pretty excited about the new site. I hope to add some more features in the future (podcasting, etc.).

For security purposes, we don’t grant access to the photo gallery unless a user has signed up with the site. I wrote a plugin to accomplish this.

Here’s what I used to build the site:

So run over to the new site and let me know what you think about it!

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