6 Months!

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Happy half-birthday to our (not-so) little Viv! Yay!


Viv loves her Grandpa & Grandma

Things to know: 2 teeth (she’s had them for a few months) with a mouthful on the way, rolling like crazy, and in the last week we’ve started the army crawl. It probably won’t be too long until we’re to full-fledged crawling – what with her getting up on all fours and rocking back and forth. Time to baby proof again I guess.


Spring Break – Days 4 & 5

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Yesterday was a pretty uneventful day. We didn’t really go anywhere, it was more a take-it-easy-around-the-house kind of day. Those days are really nice too. Today the big news of the day was we got our leaning tree trimmed up. We have a blue spruce that’s listing toward our neighbor’s house. In the past every time it was windy in the night I’d wake up with my heart pounding sure that the tree was going to tip over. Well those days are hopefully behind me (or I’ll find another one of our 40+ trees to start worrying about).

The owls love this tree (and its sibling right next to it), so we really didn’t want to take the trees out if we could help it. Well now the wind can blow right through the trees, so they’re not acting like sails anymore. Hopefully now that we’ve shown them some love, they can stand there for many years to come.

Spring Break – Day 3

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Hooray! A photo-worthy trip OUTSIDE walking distance of our house! Tobin finally acquiesced to my relentless nagging, and we loaded up in the car – and drove to Soap Lake for a real hike.


We’ve done this hike before – in 2011, and 2012 – I was in the throes of nausea at this time last year, so we didn’t do it last year. In 2011 I was pretty pregnant with Ransom. It’s amazing what can change in 3 years… We have 2 new members of our family since the first time we did this hike!


IMG_9097The days have been pretty cool in the mornings, so we’ve been waiting until the late afternoon – after naps – to do our activities. Fortunately the afternoon was once again nice (though maybe not as nice as Monday). Ransom and Evangeline hiked most of the way out to the concrete platform. Tobin backpacked Viviene, and I had the empty backpack. Lucky for Tobin, Viviene fell asleep and I ended up packing Ransom back. Well that’s one way to really get the rest of the baby weight off. Nothing like hiking around carrying an extra 40+ pounds on your back!




The kids snacked at the platform and had a fun time running around and looking at the lake. Then we walked down to the lake and that was even more fun. :) There were even suds on the shore of the lake.

IMG_9195The hike back we took a different route – it was much more of a hike back (than the walk on a gravel road out). I suspect we were probably the first fools to hike this particular path this year so a bit of bushwhacking was also involved. And here I am trying to keep my footing with Ransom on my back. Not cool. It very quickly became apparent to me that we should have either swapped kids, or taken the road back (and made Ransom walk it himself). Oh well. I made it.

The sun was pretty low as we hiked back, so the lighting was beautiful. We all had a great time. As we loaded up Evangeline asked me if we could do this hike every single day. :) That’s my girl.


Photos here.


Spring Break – Day 2

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Another Spring Break Day, another day that Tobin wanted to stay close to home. Since we did the Canal walk yesterday, today we walked the perimeter of the hay field behind our house.



On the way out of the loop we visited the Owl Tree as the kids have named it, and saw our friendly owl couple (a pair of great-horned owls that I assume has a nest in the tree). Fun. Then we had to go “UP THE HILL” to see the “WATERFALL” (Ransom’s words). Translated, that’s up on the canal bank to see the irrigation runoff back into the canal. :) The kids may also have thrown a couple of rocks in the canal, but that’s purely speculation. ;)

IMG_9049After seeing the canal, we walked back off the canal bank and walked North on Frey around the hay field. It was pretty fun – though there wasn’t any water running yet in the ditch. (Though there is some in the holding pond at the corner of 17.7 and Frey.)

We walked past the hay stacks that are slowly dwindling (always sad to see them go), and then came back on the road behind Browns.

Here’s our house from the NW side of the hay field.


Thank you Jesus for blessing us with this house!

Viviene fell asleep for most of the walk (this is an amazing development), but woke up near the end – happy as a clam.


View all the pictures here. 



Spring Break – Day 1

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Tobin’s on his Spring Break so we’re determined to do something photo-worthy each day. I had grand dreams of hiking 5 miles at Ancient Lakes, but Tobin was apparently thinking more along the lines of something we could walk to from our house. So – day one, the canal.


Ransom kept saying “Up the hill?!” He was so excited to walk up and see the water. Usually if there’s a stitch of wind, the canal bank is really cold but today – at least for the duration of the walk – the wind died down, and it was the perfect spring day.



There has been a herd of cows grazing the hills across the canal for months now (we can hear them from our house). For these poor cows, the grass really is greener on the other side of the fence. There’s a lush hayfield on the other side of their fence. One very lucky cow got through the fence and has the whole hayfield to itself. :)



Evangeline got to use our ancient Canon point and shoot camera. She was elated to say the least. She snapped some decent pictures. Looks like she may have inherited the photography gene from the Correll side of the family. She’ll fit right in. :)

I think this was the first time we put Viviene in this particular backpacker (after 3 kids we’ve accumulated a variety of baby-carrying devices). Unlike the first couple she’s tried, for some reason she LIKES this baby backpack – even falling asleep in it at Walmart when we went earlier in the day. Hooray! My dreams of hikes away from our house may actually come to fruition. We’ll see.

We made it all the way to the bridge and back. It was fun! All the photos here.



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Tobin’s dad came to visit on his way home from Spokane.



He met us at church, then came home for lunch (Tobin grilled up some burgers), read the kids some books and was off in his sporty little car. He spent the last 2 weeks in Spokane with Peter and Lisa. His home will be much quieter I’m sure than Peter and Lisa’s place! :)

Pictures here.


Goodbye Training Wheels!

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Evangeline was pretty proud of herself today, and for good reason!

Evangeline’s bike has had a flat front tire for awhile now, so I asked Tobin to air it up today and he did. Evangeline was so excited to have her bike in full working order that she hopped on it and careened down the driveway as fast as she could peddle – nearly wrecking a the end of the driveway in a very poorly executed last-minute turn. I realized her training wheels were giving her a false sense of security – and you can’t really lean into corners with them on – so on a whim I grabbed a wrench and started taking off her training wheels. Tobin took one off, and I took off the other, and in about 5 minutes, the safety net was GONE.


The photographic proof.

We told Evangeline that hey, Ransom can balance on his balance bike with no issues, and she can ride that too, so just think of this as a balance bike with peddles. In fact ignore the peddles if you want and just balance on it. So she once again hopped on her bike and balanced for maybe 10 feet at which point I asked her if she’d just like to peddle (she did), and off she went. I feel a bit jipped out of the experience actually. No hand holding (or bicycle holding in this case) on my part, basically once the training wheels came off, she was off and riding her bike – no big. We rode the bikes over to the park and round and round the kids went. Ransom on his balance bike and Evangeline on her bike without her training wheels. Really not so bad for 4 and 2! :) Ransom has to grow taller to fit the bike we have for him – bet he’ll be riding that by next year.

Anyways, super, SUPER proud of Evangeline! What a big girl she is!


The kids looked so cute coming back from church that I drug them out to the backyard and snapped a few pics.

IMG_8675Today was Sunday, so Tobin took Evangeline and Ransom to church and I stayed home with Viviene who is sick. Of course. Because it seems like all winter SOMEONE in this family has been sick. I’m nearly over bronchitis, but I would have gone to church today had Viviene been better. The kids had fun at church – even though I was informed there were no cookies in the foyer (good). The message was good (it was about Paul out of Acts I believe), bummer I couldn’t be there. Instead I caught up on my Bible reading. I’m reading through the Bible in 90 days, and am on day 18 – which translates to Judges 15 – basically just starting in on the life of Samson. For all you version die-hards I’m sure you’ll laugh at the fact that I’m reading in the Message, but it’s pretty easy-reading, and after growing up reading the NIV, it’s a welcome change. I’m a pretty captive audience when holding Viviene, so after I finished my Bible reading, I also finished the book I started yesterday, The Time Keeper. It started a little slow and wasn’t nail-biting like the Norwegian thrillers I’ve been reading, but it was good and I even cried at the end. Hormones. Thanks to NCRL, I’ve been checking out ebooks and reading on my phone a lot lately. The perfectionist in me feels like I’m accomplishing something even though I’m just sitting there holding a baby. :) Today I started The Fault in Our Stars. So far, so good.


Claire and Ransom playing on the basketball court.


Corbin crawling…it won’t be much longer before he’ll be walking.

The kids decided that naps were pointless on a gorgeous day like today – they absolutely wouldn’t go down to sleep, so I texted Heather about coming out and letting the kids play together. It worked out after naps on Corbin and Viviene’s behalf, and the kids had a great time over at the park. We even saw our resident Great Horned Owls on the same limb we saw them on the other day over in the park. It is such a blessing living out here.

The kids spent a couple hours out on the tennis court playing. I rode on the plasma car with Corbin. That was fun. We brought over the tricycle for Claire but she decided she couldn’t go fast enough on it to suit her needs, so instead Corbin tried to ride it, though rather unsuccessfully.

It was a good day. The weather was beautiful. So glad it’s spring. :)


Viviene and Daddy. (She’s wearing a 12-mo outfit – at 3 months!)

I am blessed. All the pictures from today here.

Hooray for Spring!

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One thing I really like about Ephrata as opposed to say Seattle is the very distinct seasons. Seattle has the rainy warmer season and the rainy cooler season. Ephrata has four very distinct seasons. This Winter seemed so long – perhaps longer than normal with all the sickness and the sleepless nights thanks to #3, but now it’s Spring – the last season to go until Summer – I can’t wait. :)


IMG_8640Flowers are starting to bloom. The birds are singing. The kids can finally get out and play in the yard which makes their mother VERY happy. We’ve gone out andplayed in the yard (which is beginning to green up – we’ve already mowed once) the last couple of days. It’s been great.

Yesterday we ate lunch on the front porch (it faces South and is a pretty good windblock), and it was so warm we even took off our shoes and socks and soaked up some sun barefoot.


The kids had a blast throwing the aerobie (that they rediscovered in our flower garden).

IMG_8625Yesterday we also got out for a walk (just Evangeline, Ransom and I – Viviene stayed home with Daddy), and as we walked past the park we heard two owls hooting to each other. We walked to the tree where the closest owl was calling from and saw him. I’m sure it was one of the great horned owls that I saw awhile back in our tree. That was pretty fun. Then last night I heard it hooting away in our trees. Fun.

View the pics I took yesterday here.